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Tree Removal

Tree removals are done for multiple reasons. Diseased, dying or fallen trees must be removed for safety, while other trees are removed for aesthetic reasons such as making room for construction, clearing an area to enjoy the view of your property or thinning out the number of trees to protect older more established trees. Whatever your desire, Dow's Outdoor Services has the skill and experience to survey your property with you and identify opportunities and recommend a course of action with to accomplish your vision.

** Ask us about possible credit for your wood!


Hazardous Tree Removal Specialist

Dow's Outdoor Services are experts in hazardous tree removal. You should never attempt to move a fallen tree especially close to a structure or electricity. Dow's has cranes,and equipment to safely remove your tree quickly and safely with minimal interruption to your property. 


Tree Trimming

Tree maintenance is critical to ensuring the long life, health and safety of your trees. Proper trimming prevents decaying limbs from falling and endangering your home or business, and ensures years of strenght and beauty. 


Stump Grinding

Along with providing complete tree service, Dow's Outdoor Services is also an excavation contractor, so we know there are only 2 ways to remove a stump. Digging up the stump and removing the entire root system, or grinding the stump below the ground. Both of these services have benefits and it is important to speak with a licensed, experienced contractor to decide which is best for you. That is why Dow's is your #1 choice in stump removal.

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